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Photo Gallery | Jeffersonville Teacher Visits Nations Capitol


On Tuesday March 13th, I had the opportunity to travel to the Nation's Capitol for a tour of the Capitol Building as well as a chance to meet our US Senator Saxby Chambliss. It was an amazing opportunity!   I must admit to getting lost on my way to meet Senator Chambliss. I could not get my email with the directions to pull up that morning. So I started off at the Capitol visitor center, where the security guards were nice, but not much of a help. Then I decided to go up to the gallery entrance to ask them if they could help me. The very nice supervisor called over to Senator Chambliss' office and let me talk to them. When the person who answered the phone told me where I needed to be and I asked how to get there, the supervisor said, "Oh don't worry, I will get you there!" Then she took me down the hall to the train station, and put me on a train to the Russell Building. What I didn't realize until I was trying to get back to the visitor's center, is that this is not a normal thing to have happen. If I had realized it at the time I would have taken pictures. Oh well. 

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