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Photo: First Day of School!

Photo: First Day of School!

Thank you to Kelsey Franta for sending in a First Day of School photo in Twiggs County.

To send in your photo to include in this gallery, email it to whereyoulive@13wmaz.com

Twiggs Academy 2011-2012 School Year

Twiggs Academy school year starts August 15, 2011.

Open house is scheduled for August 14.

Plan ahead with the 2011-2012 school calendar.

10 Tips To Help Parents & Teens on Facebook

10 Tips To Help Parents &  Teens on Facebook

Until last year, I had thought facebook was a tool for just teenagers and young adults.  They grew up with technology that we (40’s-ish) cannot comprehend.  Before I got the “aha” about Facebook, I thought that it was for people who wanted to vent about their day.  To our teens it’s so much more than that- It’s about identity (their own and everyone else’s).  Their Facebook page is an extension of their personalities, with games, pictures (and lots of them), status, friends, a place to vent, likes and dislikes. 

 What we (40’s-ish) do not understand is how to protect them.  They have so much information out there on the net that it could come back to haunt them one day.  So I began to look into this and this is what I found:

Free School Sports Physicals

Thursday, July 21 Twiggs County School athletes can get a free sports physical in the Twiggs County High gym starting at 9 a.m.


August 8 Marks First Day of School

Twiggs County School calendar marks August 8 as the first day of school for 2011-2012.

See the full 2011-2012 school calendar.

How to Volunteer at Your Child's School

Interested in volunteering at Jeffersonville Elementary School, Twiggs County Middle School or Twiggs County High School for the Day One Celebration on August 8?

You can sign-up at the Twiggs County Board of Education Office until July 18, 2011.