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Turkey Season Opens Saturday

Turkey Season Opens Saturday

The turkey hunting season opens Saturday, March 24, a Georgia Department of Natural Resources news release says.

To go turkey hunting, you'll need a valid hunting license and big game license to legally hunt turkeys in Georgia. If you're on a Wildlife Management Area, you'll also need a WMA license. You can buy licenses online, at a retail license vendor or by phone at 1-800-366-2661.

If planning to hunt on private land, you'll need permission from the landowner first.

There is a limit to turkey hunting: only male turkeys can be hunted and the season bag limit is three turkeys per hunter. 

Here are some turkey hunting safety precautions to study up on before going on the hunt:


Twiggs County January Unemployment Rate

Twiggs County January Unemployment Rate

Twiggs County's unemployment rate for January was 12.1 percent, the Georgia Department of Labor news release says.

That's compared to metro Macon's 9.9 percent unemployment rate for January.

But that's still less than a year ago, at 10.5 percent.

Sam Hall with the Georgia Department of Labor says the increases should not be cause for concern because seasonal workers leaving temporary holiday jobs play a major factor in the variation.

He says the important thing is the rate is lower than it was last year.

How to add an event to 13WMAZ's community calendar

How to add an event to 13WMAZ's community calendar

Need to add an event? Just head over to the events section and click "Add an event." You'll then add all of the information.

Other community members will be able to see your event in the calendar. 



Update from Bubber Epps

Update from Bubber Epps


Posted from the Jones County Gray Chamber of Commerce newsletter:


Dear Constituent,


 I am emailing to keep you informed of the current affairs in our state's legislature. As you know, political issues move quickly during session, so I wanted to make sure that I keep you informed about the issues concerning our state, our district, and your county.  


Legislative Update 02/24/12  

Twiggs County Voter Turnout

Twiggs County Voter Turnout

Twiggs County voter turnout was 16 percent.

With 99% of Twiggs County precincts reporting, so far: 

Newt Gingrich: 405 

Ron Paul: 35

Rick Perry: 1

Romney: 101

Santorum: 194