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Shelter Picks
Shelter Picks

You need a puppy in your life. A sweet, bouncy, mischievous puppy with liquid brown eyes that look at you with love and complete trust. That's exactly what you need, and, lucky you, Macon Animal Control has several to choose from this week.

While the arguing goes on among humans over the conditions at the rundown animal control shelter, the kennels and cat cages filled up, as usual.

Brittany is the little bundle of joy in the main photo. Beware, though. She's a thief who will steal your heart in an instant. Brittany will not stay that small, however, so if you decide to adopt her, remember she will grow to around medium size -- probably larger than a cocker spaniel. She'll need walks and, preferably, a fenced yard. She needs gentle discipline as well as love, quiet time as well as playtime, and training. The future is wide open for Brittany, if she lives past Wednesday.

Wednesday is the day the veterinarian comes. It's the day that the dogs on The List go into a small room one by one and are killed. State regulations limit Macon Animal Control to a certain capacity, and when that capacity is reached, puppies, dogs, kittens and cats must leave the building to make room for others to come in.

Ryder is a larger dog, but still young and peppy. He just wants like crazy to get out of that cramped kennel and run in the park with you. Ryder isn't beautiful like some dogs, but he has pretty eyes that say everything he's thinking. If you bring Ryder into your life, all he will be thinking about is loving you. Ryder's adoption fee is already paid. Just go down to Macon Animal Control at 1010 Eleventh Street any weekday before  5:30 p.m. and fill out the paperwork.

While a large network of animal rescue groups and fosters work feverishly every week to get as many animals out the front door as possible, they -- and the animals -- are waiting and hoping that more Macon area residents will step up to help with the problem of overpopulation at the animal control shelter. Adopting a pet or fostering for one of the rescues saves two lives -- the life of the one you get out of the pound, and the life of the one who won't have to die to make room.

Adopting a pet costs $75 and includes spay/neuter surgery and a rabies shot. Who says you can't "buy love"?

Call Macon Animal Control at 478-751-9200 for information. If you want to know about a specific dog or cat, have the animal's ID number ready.

Click here to look at photos and descriptions of some of the available, urgent pets at Macon Animal Control.


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