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God Speed, Mr. Armstrong | News

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God Speed, Mr. Armstrong
God Speed, Mr. Armstrong


God Speed Mr. Armstrong This evening I was taking pictures for a friend of mine's parent's 50th wedding anniversary when a fellow teacher sent me a text with the news that Neil Armstrong had passed away. She knew that I was away from home and probably had not heard the news, plus knew that I would be interested because we are reading "Who Is Neil Armstrong?" as our current novel with our fourth graders. I think I now understand some what why people act like they lost a family member when their favorite celebrity passes away (Elvis, Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston all come to mind.) I am sad tonight, as America has lost a pioneer and a legend. I am sad that I never had the opportunity to tell him that to me he was a hero. I am sad for the generations to come that will not have the opportunity to speak to him or to hear him speak live. To me Neil Armstrong means:The impossible is possible if only you have faith and you believe.  Never give up on your dreams.Aim for the moon, because even if you miss you land amoung the stars. I am glad to be currently sharing the story of Neil Armstrong with my students, and sharing the excitment of reaching for a goal. I am sad that they will never get a chance to hear his words live from himself on the tv, radio, or internet, but I am thankful that in this time of technology I will be able to share his wisdom with them still. Thank you for the moon Mr. Armstrong!  


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