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Colorado Man Claims Rights to Twiggs Land | News

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Colorado Man Claims Rights to Twiggs Land

Mary Casteen has spent almost her whole life in the house her husband built on Old Gordon Road in Dry Branch.

She and husband raised their four children there. They attended a church down the road that her husband helped construct.  So when a Colorado man claimed he had a right to her land, she was surprised.

Allan V. Evans of Wheat Ridge, Colorado is claiming that his Evans family ancestry entitles him to claim 400 acres of land in Twiggs County, which would force 35 homes, a church, and a shooting range to be under his control.

Representing himself in court, he claimed that his ancestors had the land up until the early 1900's, and that although he has no physical deed to any of the properties, he believes he is the rightful heir.

Laywers for the residents argued that Evans had no leg to stand on and that the only reason he is even after the land is for the potential $4.1 million windfall he would potentially receive.

Evans is not a lawyer, and in representing himself was repeatedly told by the judge not to interrupt lawyers for the other side, and to maintain decorum by standing up when addressing the judge.

Although the 81-year-old Casteen says she has been through a lot in life and was not threatened by Evans, she felt the residents were burdened by the legal hassle they were dragged through. Casteen also believes that Evans will not win the case.

Donald Watson, another homeowner says that until the matter is officially resolved, none of the homeowners can borrow money or sell their properties, and have to pay for lawyers fees.  "It's just awful," he says.

Court adjourned in the case today, and the lawyer appointed to hear the case will present his finding to the judge.


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