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Twiggs County man offers reward for missing tortoise | News

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Twiggs County man offers reward for missing tortoise


When Paul Glassman first bought him from a breeder eight years ago, Larry only weighed about 50 grams.

The Sulcata tortoise grew to about 50 pounds taking up much more space in Glassman's house. Over time, he also took up more space in Glassman's heart.

Larry also grew to be quite strong.

Two weeks ago, he broke out of a concrete enclosure in Glassman's Twiggs County yard where he keeps three other tortoises.

He's been gone ever since.

"He's a big part of our family," Glassman said Thursday. "We miss him dearly."

Glassman is offering a $200 reward for the African tortoise's safe return.

Glassman said his neighbors last saw Larry on New Bullard Road off of Hwy. 129.

"They saw him walking down the street, but they didn't know he belonged to me," said Glassman. "I have a feeling someone picked him up and they don't know who he belongs to.

The Sulcata is an African tortoise.

Glassman says people can buy them when they're small.

But they can grow to 60 pounds in just a few years and up to 200 pounds in their lifetime.

"They don't realize how hard it is to take care of something like that and then they want to get rid of it. And zoos and pet stores...they're just not equipped to take them," said Glassman.

Which is why he's trying to create a tortoise sanctuary.

He says the reptiles do well in 60 to 90 degree weather, but with the temperatures cooling down, he's worried about Larry.

Glassman is asking anyone who sees Larry to capture him and call (478) 955-1483.



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