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Owner upset after deputy shoots dog | News

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Owner upset after deputy shoots dog

Jesse Jones says around 9:30 a.m.Tuesday, he took two of his dogs out to his backyard.

The Twiggs County deputy was delivering a civil suit to a person who didn't live at his home.

"They saw the deputy coming around the corner and they went at him as to see who is," said Jones, "Not to attack him, just to see who he was and he pulled his gun and fired off one round."

After that shot, Jesse Jones's oldest pitbull, Doughboy, was dead.

"He said he felt like he was in danger and that was his split second reaction..to shoot the dog," said Jones.

"He could have tased him, he could have pepper sprayed him, he could have given my fiance a chance to, you know, say something to him," said Jena Rhea Paul, Jones's fiance.

She says Doughboy has never attacked anyone, and that the deputy made a horrible mistake.

"I think that he thought with his gun first, before he thought with his mind. I think that he wasn't making a good decision," she said.

Sheriff Darren Mitchum said the deputy believed the dog was "charging towards him in an aggressive manner" and that while the incident was "unfortunate, deputies have a right to protect themselves."

Mitchum said both dogs should have been on a leash or in a pen.

Jones says he still thinks his dogdeserves to be alive.

"There's other forms of ways to take action in situations like this besides that," he said, "I know if it was a human being it probably wouldn't have happened. They probably would have gotten pepper sprayed or maced."

"He's not a vicious dog, he's not mean," said Paul, "He's been a wonderful, wonderful wonderful pet."

Two years ago, the Georgia General Assembly passed what it called the Responsible Dog Ownership Act.

Among other things, it said people can kill dangerous dogs to protect themselves, their property or other people.


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