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Two accused of robbing Twiggs Co. Huddle House | News

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Two accused of robbing Twiggs Co. Huddle House


Sheriff Darren Mitchum says Gabriel Bell, 19, and Brandon Perry, 22, are accused of armed robbery of the Huddle House near Interstate 16 and Highway 96.

Huddle House manager, Laurie Rupczyk, says they came into the restaurant wearing devil masks around 5:30 Friday morning.

One was armed with a shotgun, the other, a pistol.

"What they took was my sense of security," Rupczyk.

What she thought was just a prank soon turned frightening.

"They came in with those devil masks on and I thought, 'Okay now what? What are they up to now?' Then I saw they had the guns, and I knew it was serious," remembers Rupczyk.

Just a few minutes after the call from the Huddle House, a 2009 Acura was reported stolen and wrecked on District Road, directly behind the restaurant.

The car veered off of the road, hitting a telephone pole and up into a yard.

Gabriel Bell was found at the home next door, just a few yards from the accident.

"There was blood inside the car, both airbags deployed. The clothing Mr. Bell was wearing had blood on it," says Mitchum, explaining how they tied Gabriel to the accident.

Perry took off on foot but was caught about two hours after the robbery.

It was at Bell's residence that they found evidence that connected the two to the crime.

"Behind the house in a wooded area, we found the pocketbook with the bank bag, with the money still in the bank bag all together with the shotgun," says Mitchum.

Rupczyk says her work routine will get back to normal, but she cannot believe all that happened over a few hundred dollars.

"They spent two minutes of their life in here, and it's going to cost them 15 years," she says. "That's crazy."

Friday's robbery came just about a month after an armed robbery at the truck stop right next door.

Bell and Perry are being held without bond in the Twiggs County jail, each charged with armed robbery.

The sheriff says more charges may be pending.


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