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Alligator removed from Twiggs home | News

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Alligator removed from Twiggs home


Celeste Pope thought it was a rug lying in her front yard.

It turned out to be an 11-foot alligator that had to be removed by a wildlife specialist.

It happened around 6 p.m. Friday on New Ballard Road in Twiggs County.

When Pope noticed the large object in her yard, she thought someone had dumped a rug.

Then she realized it was the giant reptile that apparently crawled up from a nearby creek.

When she called 911, the Twiggs County Sheriff's Office said they didn't remove wild animals. She had to call Jeff Shepherd, wildlife specialist from Dublin.

But a Twiggs deputy came by to hose down the gator.

This time of year, Central Georgians who live near water may see alligators roaming around. It's mating and nesting season.

The state Department of Natural Resources says there are about 200,000 alligators in Georgia, almost all of them south of Macon.

They say gator attacks on humans in Georgia are rare, but not unheard of.



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