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Twiggs Academy student to make history | News

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Twiggs Academy student to make history

Twiggs Academy Headmaster Dediere Fountain said the school is graduating its first black student. JaDarien Mitchell has attended the school for 2 years and says he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

"It feels good to know that I will be the first and it make me proud to know that," said Mitchell.

Mitchell said there's not many African-American students at the academy. When making the transfer from Twiggs County High School, his mother, Sabrina Bloodworth, wanted to make sure her son was confident with his decision.

"And once again I asked him are you sure this is what you want to do, because it's gonna be different," said Bloodworth.

Two years later, the family hasn't looked back and is happy that they made the change. "The things I like about it, the class sizes are small, and the teachers can get to you when you need it," said Mitchell.

"They teach them about not only school work, but about the Bible as well," said his mother.

Mitchell plays on the schools football team, and he says after a football game his coach told him he would be the first African
American to graduate from the school.

"I was surprised and I couldn't believe it," said Mitchell.

Mitchell is his mother's only son. And for a long time, she's been preparing for graduation day. "Each student will have their own personal table and the parents and the students get to decorate it the way they want, so I've been buying little things to put on his table because that's an honor. It's something to be proud of," she said.

Mitchell said he hopes more African-American students will attend the school. "Because everybody needs a decent education. I think if more come, there will be more graduating and sticking to plans," said Mitchell.

In an email, Headmaster Fountain said other minorities have graduated from there. The school opened in 1970.


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