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Twiggs County leaders discuss emergency response options | News

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Twiggs County leaders discuss emergency response options
Twiggs County leaders discuss emergency response options

Some people in Twiggs County say it can take around 45 minutes for medical help to arrive from Macon, but a group of county officials, law enforcement officers, and state lawmakers met Wednesday o figure out a way to change that.

Senator David Lucas brought in a financial specialist to discuss options and ways to fund them. Currently, the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon responds to all medical emergencies in Twiggs.

Wednesday, the group discussed stationing a Medical Center ambulance in Twiggs County or hiring a private company to cut down response times. Either option is projected to cost around $500,000 for the first year.

Twiggs could apply for a federal loan to help with that. Some say the county cannot afford that, but others argue it's less than the cost of someone's life.

"Right now, the way it is, taxes are high and a lot of people can't afford to pay higher taxes. We're at over 33 mills right now, and it's just too much to bear right now unless they come up with something else," says Jerry Fincher.

Commissioner William Bond says, "but it is important that you have some kind of emergency transportation, because a lot of cases it could just be a matter of minutes whether a person survives or he dies."

The Twiggs County commission plans to meet again in the next few weeks to decide whether to pursue one of those options.


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