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WEEK 8: Your High School Football Scores

WEEK 8: Your High School Football Scores

Perry - 21
Veterans - 17
Swainsboro - 9
Washington Co.- 49
Dodge Co. - 14
Thomson - 21
Fitzgerald - 42
Berrien - 18
Upson-Lee -
Riverdale -
Rutland - 21
Mary Persons - 31
Johnson Co. - 22
Treutlen - 13
Wilcox Co. - 33
Clinch Co. - 7
Turner Co. -
Telfair Co. -
Montgomery Co. - 7
Wheeler Co. - 55
Northside - 35
Jones Co. - 0
Westfield - 7
Deerfied - 28
Trinity-Sharpsburg - 47
Tattnall - 21
Westminster Christian - 14
Mt. de Sales - 40

VIDEO: 2012 Twiggs County Marching Cobras

WEEK 6: Football Friday Night Highlights

Here are your Football Friday Night highlights for October 5:

Baldwin Vs. Rutland

Veterans Vs. Howard

Northeast Vs. Lamar

Houston Co. Vs. Northside

Concussions: The Hard-Hitting Facts

In many sports, the harder the hit, the louder the fans yell, but sometimes the outcome of a big blow isn't something to cheer about, like a concussion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that one out of every ten athletes in a contact sport will get a concussion each season.

They also estimate that 3.8 million concussions happen each year in the United States with around 70% of them going undiagnosed.

When many people think of concussions, football automatically comes to mind, but women's soccer is the second leading sport for the brain injury.

When the brain moves around inside your head and hits the walls of your skull, that's when a concussion can happen.

It doesn't always take a big blow to do the trick either. Purdue University researchers found that a series of smaller hits can have the same result.

And most happen without the athlete ever losing consciousness.

WEEK 5: Football Friday Night Highlights

WEEK 5: Football Friday Night Highlights

Here are your highlights for Week 5 of Football Friday Night:

Lincoln Co. Vs. FPD

Westfield Vs. Stratford

Perry Vs. Baldwin

Evans Vs. Warner Robins

Losing Streak Could End Tonight

Losing Streak Could End Tonight

Twiggs County High Cobras go head to head with Crawford County High Eagles tonight at 7 p.m.

Whomever wins this game will bag their first win in two years. Each team has a new head coach this year.  

Twiggs County's new head coach is Jeb Stewart and Crawford County's is Greg Street.

Crawford County last won on October 9, 2009 against Jordan High in Columbus.

Twiggs County High won a game on September 24, 2010 when they beat Hancock Central 26-20.