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Pet Tips: Choosing a Dog

Pet Tips: Choosing a Dog

If you are planning to adopt a pet (and we hope you will adopt and not buy your new friend), take some time to do a little research, first.

Many breeds have specific traits. Dachshunds are often diggers, because they were bred to dig up and kill badgers and other burrow-living animals. Herding dogs such as Australian shepherds and cattle dogs, like to herd things. This may include your children or your other pets!

Working breeds need a job to keep them busy, whether fetching the newspaper and your slippers or showing their stuff on an agility course.

Basset hounds and beagles often bay rather than bark, and they do so quite loudly.

Many of the active breeds will not be happy spending hours every day in a crate, and are unlikely to want to become couch potatoes. Look for calmer breeds if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

Ga. House Bill 879: School Staff to Train in Diabetes Care

A bill is making its way through the Georgia House of Representatives that would require all public schools to have at least two personnel trained in diabetes care.

State House Bill 879 was drafted in response to rising percentages of students with Type 2 diabetes.  The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta says around 13 thousand people under 20 are diagnosed nationwide each year.

Under the bill, non-medical staff members would receive basic skills training to help them recognize diabetic emergencies and help administer medications and insulin to students.

On Eyewitness News Mornin' Wednesday, Stephanie Susskind and Randall Savage shared comments from Democratic State Representative James Beverly of Macon on why he supports the legislation. 

Free CPR Class Saturday

Free CPR Class Saturday

From Mid-Georgia Ambulance's Facebook event page: 


Join us on February 18 for FREE CPR Training. Research proves bystander CPR to be the most effective way to save a life in the event of an emergency. You can learn to save a life for FREE, in less than 2 hours. Everyone welcome (Ages 12 and up)

Central Georgians Asked to Help With Cancer Study

The American Cancer Society is asking for your help to volunteer for a new, nationwide cancer study. Bibb County ranks significantly higher than the state's average in cancer cases, and the American Cancer Society estimates close to 4000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in the county this year.

Mayor Robert Reichert and several other officials from Macon and Warner Robins pledged their support for the American Cancer Society's Cancer Prevention Study 3.

The study is the third in their Cancer Prevention Series and will help researchers understand lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer.

Anyone between the ages of 30-65 who have never been diagnosed with cancer can participate. The study requires a one-time blood sample and a lifetime commitment, but American Cancer Society's, Molly Herrin says it's easier than it sounds.

The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life

Next to the junk drawer I think the scariest place in the kitchen may just be the spice cabinet.  Those red capped bottles and cute antique looking tins seem to breed and multiply when we aren’t looking and become a jumbled mess in which you can’t find the thyme when it’s time. (sorry, I know that was bad!)

So over Christmas break when our schedule calmed down enough, I decided my spice cabinet needed some attention. I already had stepped shelves to hold my spice bottles but it was still difficult to find what I needed when I needed it.

Step one was to pull all the spices out and discard any spices that were expired. This proved to be an interesting archeological exercise. Most of the bottles that I threw out were 1-2 years out of date, but the winner is…..

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A Prescription Is Not a License to Drive Impaired

A Prescription Is Not a License to Drive Impaired

A prescription does not give you a license to drive impaired. 

The nation has seen a decline in the numbers of people killed or injured as a result of drunk driving.

But it is now time that we recognize and address the similar dangers that can occur with drugged driving.

Prescription drugs have grown to the second most abused type of drug in the country after marijuana, according to the 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Where To Go: National Pill Take-Back Day

Where To Go: National Pill Take-Back Day

On Saturday, October 29, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time, Americans will be able to drop off their expired, unused, and unwanted pills at sites across the country free of charge, no questions asked.  By doing so, they will be helping prevent drug abuse and theft.   

It's all part of the Third National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, a Drug Enforcement Administration news release says.

Here is where you can go locally to drop off your pills: