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Robins Air Force Base sends holiday greetings to troops | Families

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Robins Air Force Base sends holiday greetings to troops
Robins Air Force Base sends holiday greetings to troops

Home for the holidays: It's something many people from Robins Air Force Base will not be this season.

Some people at Robins say there is no place like home, but a simple greeting can make it feel a little closer.

A videographer standing behind a camera at the Robins Base Exchange Tuesday, counted down. "3, 2, 1", he said, and pointed at the airman looking into the camera.

Jenny Durham took her cue, and said, "Happy Holidays. Thank you for what you are doing and the sacrifices that you're making."

The message Durham recorded for troops overseas, comes from her heart.

She said, "I've deployed. I've been there, and I went during the holiday season."

Durham knows a 30-second message recorded from this side of the globe, can make the difference in a troops' day.

She said, "You get down. I think some people get a little depressed."

To lift spirits, Robins Public Affairs Office offered anyone on base the chance to send a recorded Christmas card.

Starting at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, civilians, retirees and military members came at a steady pace to stand in front of the camera.

Colleen Paige recorded a message with her 3-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

They said, "We miss you. Stay safe. Fly safe. We love you."

The message was sent with love to Airman First Class Daniel Paige. He's Colleen's oldest son, deployed for the first time.

She said, "They're out there doing their job, all through the day, all through the night. Just lets them know they're not forgotten."

Marine Sgt. Lisa Diaz looked into the camera and said, "I'm rooting for you, and get home safe."

Diaz says deployed troops lean on fellow service members during the holidays. She knows from past deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

She said, "You have your own family out there, even though your missing your family at home. Diaz said that and the messages from home help, but, "It's never the same."

20-year-old Taylor Jarvis won't need to hear that twice. She married her high school sweetheart, Kyle Jarvis, in March. He's now deployed overseas, until February or March 2014.

Taylor said, "We have been together five and a half years, and spent every single Christmas together, so it's really hard." She didn't make it through that sentence, without tears beginning to fall.

She said the deployment has been hard on her, but the holidays will be the hardest. Taylor said, "I am proud of him, but I can't wait for him to get back, so we can make up for everything we missed."

The video messages will be posted on the Robins Air Force Base Facebook page for troops to see, throughout the Christmas season.


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