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Twiggs library remains open, funding uncertain | Families

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Twiggs library remains open, funding uncertain
Twiggs library remains open, funding uncertain

By Kristen Swilley

The grand opening and closing of the $1.5 million Twiggs County Library has left some people with unanswered questions about what caused the developments in the first place.

Today, none of the officials wanted to appear on camera.

But they did provide 13WMAZ with a copy of the library's budget for the first four months of 2013, when the facility was located in a temporary building, which was really just a storefront.

It moved there after the original library burned down after being struck by lightning

The new $1.5 million facility was funded with insurance and state money.

It says, in part, "At no time, prior to the decision by the library board to close the library, had that library board presented themselves to the board of commissioners of Twiggs County requesting additional operating funds."

In other words, commissioners are saying library leaders never asked for the money they needed to keep operating.

The commissioners' statement also claims that the library board violated the state's open meetings law because when they voted to close, notice of the gathering was not posted in advance.

Billy Humphries was filling in last week as the head of the library board and he admitted today they didn't advertise the meeting. He said he didn't realize that was the law.

But he says he did tell commission chairman Kenneth Fowler that they needed money to keep the library open.

So where do things stand right now?

The library has been reopened.

That's after the library board voted Friday to put it back in operation even though they don't know where their permanent funds will come from. The commissioners are scheduled to meet again at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Twiggs County Courthouse.

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