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Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office Investigate Thefts, Make Arrests | Crime

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Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office Investigate Thefts, Make Arrests
Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office Investigate Thefts, Make Arrests

Recently the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office Investigators have been busy attempting to solve theft cases and making arrests in several of them. 

On March 2, 2012 a resident of Bowers Drive reported that someone had stolen about $900 worth of car parts.  Several days later a concerned citizen called into the Sheriff’s Office and advised that Joseph Dupree had in his possession a bunch of car tires and wheels that had been stolen.  Investigator Robert Rogers and Lt. Donnie Bostian were able to locate Joseph Dupree and bring him to the Twiggs County LEC for questioning. 

During questioning Dupree, confessed to stealing the car parts from the Bowers Drive address. Dupree stated that he took them to Timothy Bartlett’s residence where he, Timothy Bartlett and Eric Walker took all the items to Peacocks recycling and sold them.  Joseph Dupree, Eric Walker and Timothy Bartlett were all arrested and booked into the Twiggs County LEC charged with Felony Theft by Taking.

On March 13, 2012 a resident of Dry Branch on Hwy 80 reported to the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office that he had four electric motors stolen from his shop.  The resident then called Peacocks Recycling and let them know to be on the lookout for the stolen motors. The owner of Peacocks Recycling called the complainant back and advised that he had the motors. An individual named Will Mosley had brought them in and sold them for scrap.  Investigator Rodgers went to Peacocks and recovered the stolen items and viewed video footage.  The video footage shows three subjects bring the motors into the scrap yard.  All three subjects were positively identified as Thomas Michael Stokes, William Mosley, and Christopher Francis.  All three were arrested and charged with felony theft by taking.

On March 19 2012 a concerned citizen on Cary Straight reported a burglary in progress to the Twiggs County 911 center.  Twiggs County Board of Education Police Chief Levi Rozier was in the area and located the suspects and their vehicle. 

Chief Rozier was able to detain the suspects until Lt. Bostian arrived on the scene to make an arrest.  Located in the suspect’s vehicle were the stolen items taken from the burglary.  A juvenile was arrested and charged with 2 counts felony burglary and theft by taking along with probation violations.  The stolen items valued at $1,100 were returned to the owner. 

On March 21 2012 a resident of Stephens Street in Danville reported that someone had broken into the home and stolen a safe containing cash.  Amber Whittington who lives at the residence with the victim was interviewed and admitted to stealing the money and sharing it with Ethan Sauls, Sherrie Sauls and Randall Nesmith.  Amber Whittington was arrested and charged with felony theft by taking. Sherrie Sauls was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property.  Ethan Sauls was pulled over on a traffic stop and was found to be DUI and in possession of methamphetamine and was also charged with felony burglary and felony theft by taking in the theft of the money.  Randall Albert Nesmith is currently wanted by the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office for theft by receiving stolen property.

Sheriff Mitchum encourages citizens to call in suspected criminal activity in the neighborhoods.  He advised that his deputies cannot be everywhere at once and sometimes the only way these crimes can be solved is through the help and tips from concerned citizens.  He gives praises to those citizens who have had the insight and courage to stand up and report crimes in the community. 



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