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Traffic Violator Attempts to Eat Drugs | Crime

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Traffic Violator Attempts to Eat Drugs
Traffic Violator Attempts to Eat Drugs

On October 17th Lt. Donnie Bostain with the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office made a routine traffic stop on Mountain Springs Road inside Twiggs County for failure to maintain lane.  

Deputy Bostain made contact with the driver, Terry Bennett, and asked if he had anything to drink tonight.  The driver shook his head no. 

Deputy Bostain observed that the driver would not make eye contact and would not open his mouth or speak. 

The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle and that is when deputies noticed there was something in the driver’s mouth that he was attempting to swallow.  

The driver was asked to open his mouth several times and he would not comply. 

Deputies placed the driver on the ground and grabbed his cheeks to keep him from swallowing.  The driver was able to spit out a sandwich bag that contained suspected methamphetamine, suspected marijuana, and four suspected pills of loratab.

Mr. Terry Bennett was arrested and booked into the Twiggs County LEC charged with violation of Georgia controlled substance, Obstruction of Officer, and failure to maintain lane.


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