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Interview: Josh Graff to Perform at Jeffersonville Fall Festival | Community Spirit

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Interview: Josh Graff to Perform at Jeffersonville Fall Festival
Interview: Josh Graff to Perform at Jeffersonville Fall Festival

Meet Josh Graff, one of the musicians who performs at the Jeffersonville Fall Festival the weekend of October 26-28. He takes the stage Saturday, October 27 at 6:30 p.m.


Josh Graff, guitarist/singer/songwriter has gone full circle, playing everything from blues, R&B, gospel, country, pop, and rock, to hip-hop all over the country from coffee shops, bars, churches, frat houses, festivals, and music venues.


1. My music is fun, at least for me it is. I've always been a blues guitarist, but I've ventured off and done other projects, and just recently started this band back at my roots, playing what makes me happy at heart and I finally feel like I'm just being me and I believe it finally shows.

2. Well, this should be a multiple choice question an "A, B, C, D" with "D" reading "All of the above." MY current project would be, "A", this blues band with an ever evolving/rotating line up of some of the greatest musicians that middle Georgia has to offer. I'm also currently, "B" the guitarist for The Travis Denning Band. Travis also plays guitar in my blues band, but in his band we play a mixture of country/americana/singer-songwriter type stuff driven by guitars, vocal harmonies, and Travis's song-writing, which sounds way more experienced in life and well-rounded than one may expect from a 19 year old. "C" would read "guitarist for JuBee and the Morning After", which if you haven't seen us, you'll just have to see us... If I had to, I'd say, best described as an original mixture of hip-hop, rock, soul, r&b, funk, jam-band, with vocal harmonies and melodic choruses, while JuBee's deeply personal lyrics flow out during verses. The answer being "D, All of the above."

3. I get inspired, musically, by trying to constantly surround myself with amazing musicians. It makes me have to step my game up! My writing process is, there is no process. Lyrics hit me at random moments, whether it's sitting at a red light, in the shower, or even in my dreams. When I get in a funk and cant seem to find anything to write about, I'll sit down and just start writing any and every idea, word, or even sketch or doodle till something comes out. Eventually something that i like enough to make a song will come out.

4. Let me just say, thank God it's finally fall! But yea, windows down, ridding around town, you would hear a lot of things. I'm super A.D.D. when it comes to my ipod. You'd probably hear a song or two from The Beatles, The Wood Brothers, The Foo Fighters, Otis Redding, Mofro, Outkast, George Harrison, Ray Lamontagne, Sean Costello, Freddie King, Amos Lee, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters, Cee Lo Green, Lightnin' Hopkins, Jack White, Howlin' Wolf, Son House, or any other radon, but awesome music I decide to throw on. I will say, I'm pretty excited for Gary Clark Jr.'s upcoming release!

5. My dad taught me the basics in the beginning, then I took lessons from a local guitar great, Bruce Whitten, for a while. I started off big into Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Duane Allman and have been digging deeper and deeper into who their influences were and trying to get as close to music's roots as I can ever since. I went to a Christmas party or something like that at the guitarist for The Wall's house when i was around 12 years old and was asked to play with them. that was my first time ever playing with a band. I think we played "Johnny Be Good" or something, but after that, it was on! Personally, I've learned a lot about being a musician, a songwriter, a recording artist, and an all around human being from the amazingly talented, Clay Cook, who produced one of my EP's from a few years back. If you're not familiar with Clay, definitely check him out! He's got tons of solo recordings, and played with everyone from John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Sugarland, to name a few, but is currently in The Zac Brown Band.

6. I guess that best way to describe our personality is passionate. We're not up there trying to "make it" or anything like that. We're just having a good time and trying to get up there and let go of everything and release it all through doing what we all love to do. It's a good time, for sure.

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