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So Which Character Should I be for Dr. Seuss Day?

So Which Character Should I be for Dr. Seuss Day?

Every year on the week of Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2) our school has an entire week of fun events to celebrate reading.  

We do door decorating contests (I have a neat idea for that up my sleeve, have to defend my win from last year!)

We have community members come in and read to our students (if you are interested in coming in contact Ms. Sampson at the school).

We have a birthday party for Dr. Seuss with cupcakes provided by a local business.  :-)

And then we have THE COSTUME DAY! 

NASA Budget Meetings

I was working today when NASA had their budget briefing, and unable to read the #NASATweetup live as it happened. However when I got home I made a point to find as much information as I could about it.

A couple of things stuck out at me and grabbed me by the throat.

Canceling the manned Mars program, which quite honestly, upsets me.

When I was young the goal of NASA was to get a Space Station up and running.

For the last few years it has seemed like getting rovers on Mars and eventually man on Mars has been the goal. When I talk to my students about becoming space explorers that is one of the things they bring up, going to Mars to learn what is there, and beyond. This year I have been able to tell my students (thanks to #NASATweetup for STS-135) that this goal is something that they should aspire to reach out and grab. Now the people in charge are saying this goal is too expensive.

4th Annual NASA Educators Workshop

Oh I would love to be able to head to Charlotte NC for three days at the end of this month to attend this conference! Unfortunately I don't think we have the professional development money to pay for a sub, or for me to head up there, even if the conference itself is free.

Twiggs County Spelling Bee

Twiggs County Spelling Bee


Twiggs County Middle School is proud to announce that the second National Geographic Bee was conducted on January 26, 2012. Sponsors were Middle School Principal, Lindsey Napier, Gifted Education Teacher, Karen Kilgore, School Media Specialist, Orena Floyd and the Social Studies Teachers of Twiggs County Middle School. Eighteen students participated in the bee.

They answered questions relating to locations and cultures from the United States and around the world. The winners were: 1st place – Earl Dennard, 2nd place – Edward Wilmore and 3rd place, Yasmine Glover. Parents were invited to attend and light refreshments of fruit, juice and pastries were served. 

Educator Academy At Space Camp

How do you want to spend your summer vacation this year? I want to go to Space Camp for Teachers!

Educator Academy at Space Camp is one of the many wonderful things I learned about this week at the Space Camp Tweetup #sctweetup for the movie A Smile As Big As The Moon.

OK wait a minute let me rephrase that a little bit.....

Educator Academy at Space Camp is something I already knew about, but not a lot about, until this week at Space Camp.

Space Academy for Educators is all the fun of Space Camp, but designed for teachers.

This five day program packs over 45 hours of activities, speakers, and experiences that are designed to be taken back and implemented in the classroom.

A Smile As Big As the Moon: Watch Sunday

A Smile As Big As the Moon: Watch Sunday

As you all know I am currently at the US Space and Rocketry Center, Space Camp for a national Tweetup, where we have had the opportunity to do the STEM activities that the students who attend Space Camp get to do.

Today our special guest speaker was Mr. Mike Kersjes who pioneered the path for special needs students to attend Space Camp. Mr. Kersjes is a phenomenal person and listening to his story in his own words today was inspiring and emotional. He wrote the book "A Smile As Big As The Moon, a special education teacher, his class, and their inspiring journey through U.S. Space Camp" that has now been made into a movie that will air on Sunday night (we are attending the Huntsville red carpet premiere with the cast tonight). I wanted to encourage you to watch this awesome movie, as I know you will be as inspired as I was today (and I haven't even seen the movie yet!)