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Middle Georgia Singer Values Music as His 'Best Friend' | Arts & Culture

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Middle Georgia Singer Values Music as His 'Best Friend'
Middle Georgia Singer Values Music as His 'Best Friend'

Jason Hobbs, 44, knew he wanted to be a musician ever since he was a little boy.

And it was only natural. The Twiggs County resident with Bleckley County ties said that music has been a part of every event, everything at his house, for a long time.

“I grew up with music all around me. My dad was in a band in the 50s, and we always had music at our house,” Hobbs said.

“My dad was from Bleckley County, and he played in country bands and rock-n-roll bands. He worked in the mill in Payne City – in Macon – and he would ride the bus to work and on the weekends, would come home. He met up with Sweetie Jones there, and Sweetie was putting together a band for a talent show. My daddy played guitar for it. They won the contest, and started traveling all over the U.S.”

Hobbs said his dad and the band even did a stint – briefly – as an opening act for Jerry Lee Lewis.

So, Hobbs' dad was one of his biggest musical influences. “My dad wanted me to play guitar. He even bought me my first guitar, before I was even able to hold it. It was bigger than me.”

A Decca guitar, “which was just a cheap guitar I think they sold at Sears or somewhere for kids,” was what his father got him, and Hobbs said he “played it some, but it hurt my hands, so I would put it down, and then pick it back up, and then lose interest.”

He was just a little boy. But when he turned 14, “I started learning some guitar chords, and I realized I really enjoyed it.”

Hobbs graduated from Twiggs Academy and attended Middle Georgia College. After college, Hobbs worked “as a salesperson at a welding supply company for seven or eight years.” He even worked at GEICO Insurance, was a mattress salesperson and worked in a friend's music store.

For years, he played around with the idea of being in a band, and he said he'd “get one pieced together and then that wouldn't work out.”

It wasn't until he was 25 that Hobbs, who's single, joined his “first sure enough band.”

When Hobbs got his first real mass applause for his singing, he said, “I knew I was infected by the music bug.”

He added, “Getting the applause is great, but for me, the real high comes when that one guy who was sitting in the corner, kind of off by himself, comes up and says, that some song I did really moved him.”

His musical style could be described as mosaic – and he covers everything from old country songs, from Merle Haggard and Hank Williams, Jr. to rock-n-roll groups like The Fray.

“I like funky stuff,” said Hobbs. His iPod is full of a variety of genres, and some of his favorites come from actual songwriter stuff.

Following his dream of being a professional musician is exciting. He plays mostly solo gigs, but also does duos and will play with some of his musician friends upon request.

He has become well-known in the local music scene – playing events, at restaurants and bars in Macon, Warner Robins and Dublin.

Hobbs said, “Music is like, well, a sense for me. It is a very integral part of my life. I see everything – from time frames to the way light comes between the trees and relate it to music.”

He paused, “Music is my mistress, my lover, my best friend, and at times, even my worst enemy.”

To find out more about Jason Hobbs and his music, visit his Facebook page.

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