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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet


On a typical warm sunny day, you may find yourself driving your car with the windows down while your dog is peering out the window – wind blowing in his face.  This may appear to be harmless however, it is not safe practice.

While we all love to see the shiny nose of a dog sticking out of a car window, the reality is that your pet's eyes could be injured by debris and other dirt in the air. Moreover, a passing squirrel or another dog or cat could prompt your pet to jump out of the window – a serious and often fatal mistake.

Summertime means vacation and road trips with friends and family. Taking your pet along for the ride could make vacation memories all the more special. Here are some tips on traveling with your pet that will help get your vacation off to a great start.

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Hot Weather Tips for your Furry Friend

Hot Weather Tips for your Furry Friend

Please follow these guidelines to protect your companion animal when the mercury rises.

*Overheating can kill an animal. Never leave an animal alone in a vehicle, since even with the windows open, a parked car, truck or van can quickly become a furnace. Parking in shade offers only very short term protection, as the sun shifts during the day. When traveling, carry a gallon thermos filled with fresh, cold water.

 *Don't force your animal to exercise after a meal in hot, humid weather. Always exercise him in the early morning or in the evening.

 *In extremely hot weather, don't leave you dog standing on the street, and keep walks to a minimum. He is much closer than you to the hot asphalt, and his body can heat up quickly. His paws can also burn, since they are not protected by shoes.

Who are you remembering?

It's Memorial Day and many families have someone or even a handful of people in mind they are remembering.

Whether that someone has served in the military, or has gone to war.

Towns hold memorial services at courthouses or cemeteries and try to remember everyone who has ever sacrificed in one form or fashion for America.

Who is on your mind this Memorial Day weekend and how are you remembering them?

"Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened." --Billy Graham

Yard Sale: All Proceeds Help Return Taylor to Cincinnati Hospital

Taylor Ayers is 17. 

She has two diseases that require her to travel to and from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

In order to help fund this next trip, you can attend a Yard Sale in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot on N. Houston Rd. in Warner Robins from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

All proceeds will go toward the Taylor Medical Fund.

The yard sale will also have a lemonade stand with baked goods.

For more information, you can contact Taylor's mother, Missie Ayers at 478-719-3637.

You can also see the Facebook event page.



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Explosives Found at Former Ga. Military Camp

The Associated Press Posted : Wednesday Feb 16, 2011 21:25:24 EST

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In Case You Missed It...

In Case You Missed It...

...I was in Forsyth yesterday.

I had a great time chatting with Forsythians about blogging for their community and organization. 

One of my favorite things about blogging is how it connects individuals to each other. More on that later...

If you want to blog for your community, e-mail me at whereyoulive@13wmaz.com.